Usage And Platforms Of Social Media Marketing

How is Social Media Marketing Used?

Social media marketing is used for all the traditional marketing goals – to reach customers and:

  • Increase referrals or sales leads
  • Build word-of-mouth
  • Increase sales of products or services
  • Provide a means of feedback
  • Develop a reputation as an expert or thought-leader
  • Drive traffic to a business website or blog
  • Develop new products or services
  • Keep people informed about special events and anything else newsworthy about the business
  • Provide customer service

What Are the Most Popular Social Media Platforms?

The most popular social networking sites for business are:

    1. Facebook (networking – over 2 billion users)
    2. YouTube (the largest video networking site – over a billion active users each month)
    3. Instagram (image sharing – over 800 million monthly users)
    4. Twitter (message broadcasting – over 330 million active users)
    5. Whatsapp (messaging, audio and video communications – over a billion users)
    6. LinkedIn (the largest network of business professionals – over 450 million members)
    7. Pinterest (image collection/sharing – over 150 million monthly active users)
    8. Tumblr (blogging/photo sharing)
  1. Quora (information and knowledge exchange)

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