Principles Of Content Writing

#1. Not doing a proper Target Audience check:

Your content will just be a piece of writing if it fails to target the right audience. Writing content takes a huge amount of work and effort, and not doing market research to establish the type of audience you would want to target is going to put all your hard work in vain.

A good practice is to go through industry-specific blogs, forums, and groups to understand the issues and problems that keep arising. The main reason why a targeted audience will read your content for websites is that they are looking for a possible solution to a question they may be having. Your content for the website will be an instant hit among the search engines if it can correctly provide relevant content that would help solve the audience’s problem.

#2. You concentrate too much on SEO:

SEO or search engine optimization is the most important aspect of your web content. A good SEO strategy will ensure your website ranks well in the top search engines, which will, in turn, help you gather more leads and website traffic. However, SEO is not the only important thing you should keep in mind when creating your content. Focusing too much on the SEO aspect of your content will distract you from creating rich and relevant web content for your audience. SEO and keyword research should never be the only driving force of your whole content marketing agenda.

Content Marketing and SEO work hand in hand, one cannot survive without the other. A good SEO strategy alone will not drive traffic to your website it will be at most work in harmony with the content for the website you write to help you rank higher in the search engine scale.

#3. You are being too Clever or Creative:

In the digital world, readers who read your article or content for the website will not hold on to every word you write. They will at most scan the entire article at one go to capture the important details that will help solve the problems at hand. Throwing in sharp words, or creative phrases will only make the reader think more and chances are, it will frustrate them. In this fast-paced world, the person reading your article at a given time will have three more web pages open consecutively. While holding your audience’s attention with your writing is good, it serves less purpose when your audience is in a hurry.

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